Kenya Rally Raid Championship

Amiran Nakuru Rally Raid 

June 22 - 23


The Fly-SAX Naivasha Rally Raid is being organised by the Sporting side of the VCCCK and will be held around Lake Naivasha in the Great Rift Valley.  The raid will be spread across three private ranches with the bivouac centrally located at the Ranch House Bistro where the rally will be hosted in the usual fine style of the Ranch House.  The route is split over two days with the Saturday loop taking in the Crater Lake and Mondui Ranches which will be repeated twice.  As the rains have been pounding Kenya for the 8 weeks prior to the event we are expecting mud and water to dominate proceedings!  Day 2 is to be held on the Kedong Ranch and teams can expect considerable amounts of off-piste running.  While the volcanic solid of Kedong sucks up water there are still expected to be wet patches! 

The event will start and finish at the Ranch House Bistro which will be HQ for the duration of the event.  We welcome spectators and there will be designated spectator points for them to get into the thick of the action. 



Simon Sharpe1 - Rally Raid2.jpg


• Entries open:  18 April 2018
• Normal entries close: 17:00 24 April 2018
• Late entries close:  12:00 28 April 2018

• Late entries will incure a late penalty of Ksh3,000/ per vehicle. 

•Rally HQ and Bivouac: Ranch Houses Bistro
• Bar & Catering: Ranch House Bistro



Competitors are required to submit the entry form to the organising club together with payment.  The self scrutineering form should be completed before the event and presented at Signing On.  Temporary Licences can be obtained at Signing On. 


Spectator Information:



Leg 1: 74 Km

Leg 2: 54 Km

Leg 3: 54 Km

For Regs and Entry see below.


Conservation Fees

Competitors Land Access Fee: Ksh2,500 per entry.

Spectator Land Access Fee: Ksh1,000 per car. 

Competition Fees

                   Entry Fee     Insurance           TOTAL

Cars:             9,000       3,000         Ksh 12,000/-

Buggies;        9,000       1,500         Ksh 10,500/-

Bikes;             8,000      1,000         Ksh   9,000/-

The organising club will refund the cost of half the entry fee to competitors who have not competed since Jan 2015



Ranch House Bistro

Rally HQ

RR2 - Spectator Map - Day 1.jpg

Day 1 - Spectator Map

Competitive Route Indicative  Only 

RR2 - Spectator Map - Day 2.jpg

Day 2 - Spectator Map 

Compeititive Route indicative only.