Gray Cullen 

Since starting Rally Raid in 2013, Gray soon became a force to be reckoned and took both the 2015 and 2016 Championship wins in the renown 'Frog'.

2017 saw him take a partial sabbatical while building his AMG Mercedes, Tubular framed, 500+HP 'ball of fury' - rumoured to be called the 'Toad'...  

This Ultra4 style car is going to be the first of it’s kind in Kenya and (if reliable), will undoubtedly be amongst the leaders.


Jon Bovard 

Not only has Jon navigated Gray to multiple championship wins but he is also the mechanical brains in the team, having built and maintained their cars over the years. No matter how badly Gray beats the car up, Jon takes great delight in fixing the damage inflicted.

While Jon excels at both reading the notes and fixing the car, he is also a talented driver in his own right – winning a 2017 championship event in his highly unsuitable rhino charge car - with Gray as navigator! 



2014 - Amboseli - 1st O/A