Amiran Naivasha Rally Raid

March 09 - 10


The Fly SAX Nanyuki Rally Raid is being organised by the Nanyuki Raly Group and will be held in the Fabulous Loldaiga Hills.  The Loldgaigas comprise of a privately owned livestock ranch and wildlife conservancy extending over 200 km2. Located 20 km northwest of Mount Kenya at an altitude of 1,700 – 2,300 the ranch is home to a wide range of wildlife including Elephant, Buffalo and Lion which make competiting here a unique experiance.  The event will comprise of a mixed of tracks, some in good condition and some rough!  Action will start and finish at the event HQ and comprise of a 50+ Km loop on Saturday afternoon and a 84 Km loop on Sunday morning which will be repeated twice. 


GPS POINTS are below for download.  Anyone found on the route will be excluded from the event.