Endurance Adventure Rallying


The Kenyan National Rally Raid Championship is a multi round rally raid competition.

Events are similar to the Dakar where navigation plays a key part.

There are class for all vehicles including for everything from motorcycles, quads, standard cars, modified monsters and spaceframe prototype specials with up to 500bhp. 

Courses are set over rough terrain, on a mixture of roads, tracks and 'off-piste' sections.  Wash-aways, river crossings, rocks and boulders are all commonplace on competitive sections.  Teams are provided a simple road-book for navigation which they use with their GPS equipment to find the route.  While the route is not mandatory, competitors are penalised if they stray more than 75m away from the official route and gain a competitive advantage. This requirement for teamwork and navigation ensures the the fastest car does not always win - in 2017 an 'enthusiastically driven' rhino charge car won an event overall! 


Events typically extend over 250km (and with some events over 500km) of competitive sections and so the endurance of both machine and crew is an essential part in getting a result.

The Rounds take place over four weekend throughout the year at location across Kenya. 

Events are typically based around centralised bivouac where cars can be fettled, fixed, or rebuilt overnight before charging into the next day's competition. - We aim to ensure that our events are family friendly with our camp sites in some amazing places around the country.